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How to pack your travel essential in your duffle bag

Packing all your requisites into the travel bag is always a headache. Many times while going for business or holidays trip, people forget to pack some of their essential stuff that later causes the big problem while being on the trip. A person very required to know about to answer the two fundamental questions.

  1. What to pack and
  2. How to pack

Anyone who fails to respond to these two basic questions always faces problem while being on the trip due to missing out some essential stuff or unmanaged storing of the stuff in the duffle bag. There are certain prerequisites of the packing the travel bag correctly and efficiently. As given bellow

Choose the right Duffle Bag

Sometimes, people do not choose the right travel duffle bag as per the size and quantity of the items. A small duffle bag filled with the access items may cause damage to the things even before you reach the destination. It is very much important to choose the right duffle bag as per the requirement.

Always use branded duffle bag

People sometimes think of saving an amount of money and purchase the poor-quality travel bag that sometimes damaged before you reach the place and cause the unwanted situation in front of the traveller. There are different branded duffle bags available in the market on both online and offline platform. In the present time, online shopping platform gives you the opportunity to buy you duffle bag while sitting at home. There are different e-commerce websites from where you can purchase your bag easily and at very reasonable price such as:

  • myntra.com
  • luggageonline.com
  • jabong.com
  • bewakoof.com
  • amazon.com

Only pack what you need

Packing unwanted stuff in the bag can cause you the extra weight and out space which has no use. This is essential for every traveller to be very much specific and clear about what he or she wants while being on travel. Any traveller should be clear some basic points

  1. What type of trip you are going on
  2. Clear and customized list of items which is required at trip

Pack heavy items in first go

It is essential while packing the travel bag. All the heavy weight items should be packed first at the lower stage of the bag because any heavy object wrapped after putting the light items may cause damage to the small and light weight items. Such as shoes, and other delicate items which do not have a fear of being damaged should always be stored at the lower side of the bag.

Put the solid items on the edge

Whatever solid items you have in your luggage, should always be kept on the edge of the bag to support and stronger the edge such as metal food container and other items.

Avoid wrinkling

There will always be many things which are required to be stored in the single duffle bag but always mind avoiding storing items in such as ways that cause the wrinkles on the clothing. Pack the item separately and try to make virtual compartments to store different items at different places in the same duffle bag. To avoid to damage crease of the clothing, you can do following

  1. Roll your clothing
  2. Put small clothing items within the larger clothe items to protect them
  3. Try to use packing cubes for clothing items

Keep frequent using items on top

Select the items which you need on a regular basis such as brushes, toiletries, towel and other items. It will help you not to disturb the other items of the bags if stored at the lower side of the duffle bag.

Rearrange once or twice while on trip

While you use the different kinds of stuff on the trip, it can be mismanaged and ups and down. You should rearrange your duffle bag once or twice depending on the length of the tour to set the things back to the right manner.

Minimum items to be packed for any trip

First Aid box, clothing, toiletries, towel, shoes, sleeper, jacket, personal care products, undergarments, necessary food items, etc.