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5 Tips For New Underwater Camera Shoppers

Are you about to shop your first underwater video camera? Various brands are selling diverse polaroids ideal for the deepsea divers and photographers. But you have to be select the one carefully as there’s a thin line between the cameras used on the land or air and the one used under water. For that, you need the power of knowledge. Extensive research and studies can help you make a checklist that you should keep in front while shopping the underwater camera whether for video shooting or capturing some amazing stills.

Here, we have a series of 5 tips for the newbie underwater photographers. Take a look at them before shopping for any camera from your chosen brand.

Convincing Features

Underwater cameras have some unique features that make them stand out of the other Polaroids. Previously, deep sea divers or passionate snorkel experts had to depend on the normal waterproof DSLR or compact cameras for capturing the underwater world. But now, with the growing passion of underwater photographing and video making, many enthusiastic camera manufacturers such as Sony, Canon, Nikon and more have introduced a series of cameras for the deep sea divers and extreme sports lovers that often take similar cameras with them while snorkeling or scuba diving.

Make sure that the camera you have chosen is strong enough to remain scratch free if ever fall on the sharp-edged coral beds or the rough seabeds.

The camera must be water resistant and shouldn’t have any excuse to create fogs on the lens.

Check the angle and test the buoyancy of the device before taking it down into the waters.

Equally efficient in low-light

Another significant quality which users must check before buying the camera is its low-light sensor. It has to work properly in the midst of insufficient natural lights. For a great video shoot deep sea, it’s necessary to have a camera with equal efficiency.

Enabled with autoplay: An energy saving option

Shop the camera having the autoplay and stop feature. Usually, these are a smart device that start capturing the videos wherever it thinks is necessary and stops the camera where it senses not to shoot. This feature, according to many diver photographers is excellent to save the battery life. For long and exhausting divings, this feature is a must.

Strongly recommended by deepsea photographers

Shortlisting the cameras that are strongly recommended by the pro underwater photographers can be excellent. You have to research less and only have to check the features while shopping for any one of those cameras that you wish to buy following the footsteps of your seniors in this regard.


Finally, you have to consider your budget. It should also be another significant side to consider during the research phase. From different magazines or online stores, you can know the exact price as well as the discounted rates of the chosen cameras. You can also buy a used camera during the learning phase. This way, you can learn and can also save your money.

Depending on your pocket pinch, you should shortlist the cameras.