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Five Features to Consider When Buying an Oven

When it comes to ovens, the best feature you should be looking for is true convection. This means that the oven has a heating element that surrounds the fun, ensuring an even distribution of heat inside the oven.  Before shopping for a new oven, ensure your old oven is beyond repair. There is not much improvement in oven technology and just like other appliances, parts are more shoddy than before.  Below are other features to take into account when purchasing an oven:

Electric or Gas Oven

Your choice depends on whether gas is abundant in your area. Also, it is important to know if you want a built-in oven with marques de four encastre fitting into your cabinet or a stand-alone oven which is likely to have a cooking range on top.

Settings for Heating

Ovens tend to heat from top and bottom, thus, you won’t have a problem if you are using it for standard cooking. For broiling, you can use the upper element only. Some ovens come with a pita setting which heats just from the bottom, which often works for pizza also. The more modern ovens may come with more settings. Check that the fan has a heating element that surrounds it for an even heat distribution.

Oven Size

When buying an oven, decide if you want a big compartment or a couple of smaller ones. For one item, you can expect more efficiency from the smaller oven; however, if you will be baking many times or need space for a special baking pan, consider a large compartment. Also, ensure you measure the space available in your home and your pans before you buy an oven.

Oven Parts and Service

You will want to choose a brand that is available in your area to ensure you can always get it serviced immediately when something goes wrong with it. Ask the help of your friends and family in terms of choosing the right brand in terms of service. How long is the oven’s warranty? In general, long-term service contracts do not cover the parts.


Ovens can come with a self-cleaning element which tends to heat it to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is good enough to char any residue or grease. The oven must be impossible to open as the self-cleaning cycle is ongoing. Whether you are getting an oven with a self-cleaning element or not, make sure you check the cracks or seams that are not easy to clean.